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Launch Date: TBA

The Exorians Universe

Under the auspices of our strategic advisors, the brilliant minds in the Ethernal Labs gaming division have been developing, creating, and testing what will be Ethernal Labs initial foray into the gaming space with the highly ambitious and highly anticipated Exorians Universe video game. We are getting the first glimpse of the world-building of the Exorians Universe through early demos of this work-in-progress. The dystopian spacecrafts, lush landscapes, chromatically saturated atmosphere, and exciting game play of this AAA-rated game are beginning to take shape before our eyes.

Ethernity’s Web3 capabilities will bring levels of rich complexity to the environment, characters, available quests, objects, tools and weapons, and overall structure of the game. Will players be able to ride through the universe at the speed of light as Lionel Messi, battle on an alien planet with Bruce Lee’s nunchucks, or negotiate for resources with the seductive supercharge of Marilyn Monroe? None of these specific features are guaranteed, but the possibilities are tantalizing.

Collectors of all Ethernity offerings will have special privileges within the Exorians game. Additionally, Ethernity’s native token ERN will power the game’s native economy through innovative mechanics, which will be revealed at a later stage. This represents a significant innovation in the video game industry, as it has not been executed on a AAA video game of this scale and complexity. It will be exciting to see how Exorians Universe players will use it to create value.